Service: A Mr. Goodtower Service Centre

service apv imageAn authorized representative of Mr. Goodtower, ITC Technologies offers building owners and contractors outstanding customer service.

Available at all times, our experts in HVAC answer your questions, go to the site to help you install, activate, and equilibrate your new equipment, carry out an inspection to ensure that everything is in order, and – should the need arise – provide replacement parts (which are under warranty).

The Best Service for Your Cooling Tower

The Mr. Goodtower program is an initiative of Evapco, a global leader in cooling towers. The program provides technical support, replacement parts of cooling towers. We perform a free inspection of your cooling tower and offer a number of potential solutions according to your needs and your production constraints. 

We are at your service to help with the repairs or as a source of replacement parts for all brands – including BAC, Evapco, Marley – or types of systems, such as open circuit, closed circuit, crossflow, forced current, or counterflow.


Complete After-Sales Service

  • Installation assistance
  • Equipment start-up
  • Inspection
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Motor and fan repair
  • Replacement part sales
  • Technical assistance for ITC Technologies products
  • Mr. Goodtower service centre and parts


  • Parts centre for all types of cooling tower and closed-circuit tower.


All of our parts are covered by warranty
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Replacement Parts

  • Access doors
  • Louvres allowing air circulation, while keeping out light and water
  • Heater for water reservoir
  • Bearings and pads
  • Pulleys and belts
  • Motors
  • Cubic surface runoff fills, high performance for counter-current and cross-current applications
  • Mist eliminator
  • Mechanical and electronic level sensors
  • Cooling-tower fans of all kinds, enclosed and nose-mounted
  • Training kit
  • Platforms
  • Ladder
  • Safety Cage
  • Power switch
  • Low-noise fan
  • Sieve
  • Replacement panelst
  • Complete replacement section (hot-water reservoir, cold-water reservoir, coil section)
  • Complete replacement towert
  • Filtration solution
  • Bearings and shaft set
  • Pressurized and gravity-fed water distribution system
  • Warranty on replacement parts
  • Etc.